Young Mary MacKillop

Incursion for the Year 3 & 4 students

Last Thursday the Grade 3 and 4 students were entertained by the Troubie Theatre Company who told the story of Young Mary (St. Mary MacKillop) through a dramatic presentation.

The students were enthralled by the story and the humorous way the characters in Mary’s life were portrayed. St Mary MacKillop was determined, compassionate and steadfast even as a child. The students were given insight into her many fun filled and spirited childhood adventures. They had fun playing games with Mary, and hearing about her pet cow Blorac and her dad Alexander. Then, as she grew, we bore witness to the determination of a hard-working young woman who set out to eliminate poverty and provide a fair education for all.

The play was funny and entertaining and involved the captive audience in acting and moral decision making. Young Mary’s humour and compassion helped the students enjoy and understand St Mary MacKillop, whilst appreciating her famous quote;

“Never see a need without trying to do something about it.”

St. Mary of the Cross

We were so glad to finally see this presentation as it had been booked two years ago but COVID intervened. This presentation enhanced the student’s learning in Religious Studies and Performing Arts.

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