Support Services

At St Anthony’s Primary School we have a range of services to help support students and their families. 

Student Wellbeing Leaders

We are very fortunate to have two Student Wellbeing Leaders (Foundation -Year 2 and Years 3 – 6). The role of the Student Wellbeing Leaders is to develop, implement and lead the whole school in their Wellbeing Journey and assist students, families and teachers to support individual academic, social, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual growth. The Student Wellbeing Leaders also work with a range of external support services that students and families can be referred to upon request.

Learning Diversity Leaders

The Learning Diversity Leader works collaboratively with the Wellbeing Leaders to ensure the wellbeing and diverse learning services and programs for all students. The Learning Diversity Leader will work with teachers, the Executive Leadership team, families and students to ensure consistent review, innovation, intervention, implementation and continuous improvement in the development of learning programs and services. A commitment will be made to ensure that an environment is created to foster each individual student regardless of their background, learning needs, disability or exceptional ability. 

Speech Pathologist

The Speech Pathologist will work collaboratively with the Learning and Teaching Team and Learning Diversity Leader to enhance student outcomes in Literacy and oral language. The Speech Pathologist will ensure data is used to plan, implement, review and monitor the effectiveness of evidence-based speech and language programs across the school. They will be an integral part of enhancing the Intervention Framework within the school. 

School Psychologist

The School Psychologist provides a child psychological service in the school and works with other staff to support students and families. They maximise educational outcomes for students, utilising psychological expertise in education and learning, to support and build the capacity of the school community toward positive improvement.

Learning Support Officers (LSO’s)

Learning Support Officers (LSO’s) work with a team to support students with additional learning needs. This requires a flexible approach to implementing strategies to suit each student, under the guidance and direction of teachers. LSO’s encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility towards their own education. LSO’s work in collaboration with teachers to support all students, including:

  • a small, specifically identified group requiring targeted instruction; 
  • the broader range of students in the class or cohort; 
  • an individual student, when implementing a particular aspect/s of their Personalised Learning Plan (PLP).