Our Community

St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School is welcoming and open. We consider all who make up our school community and aim to foster a deep connection with each and everyone of our students and their families. We are proud of, and promote a strong sense of belonging amongst all of our members.

We actively build respectful, nurturing and open relationships between students, teachers and staff, parents, parish and the wider community. Supportive relationships are at the heart of our community.  

We embrace our diverse community and aim to ensure that all are welcomed, included and informed. We encourage all members to take active roles in developing the whole child and assist them on their educational journey whilst building their own catholic identity.

We foster an inclusive environment through collaboration with others to form a connected and organic learning environment which benefits all students and allows them to fulfil their potential.

St Anthony’s is a place of safety, pride and equity and encourages full participation in school life for everyone. Our community is committed to providing opportunities for all students to flourish in an environment where student voice is sought, valued, acknowledged and actioned.