Student Leadership

At St Anthony’s Primary School we believe it is important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling and to learn the art of building relationships.  The Student Leadership Program that is offered in Year 6 provides opportunities for student voice, the development of student leadership skills and it encourages active participation in the decision making processes.  Our philosophy is to prepare our students to be future leaders in the community.  

At St Anthony’s Primary School we have a Buddy program. Each Foundation student is paired with a Year Six student to ensure a smooth transition into the first year of school. The children spend time together both in and out of the classroom, completing a variety of activities to build a positive and rewarding relationship.

SRC Leaders

School Representative Council Leaders (SRC) represent the beliefs and values of St Anthony’s Primary School. The role involves leadership in representing the school at community events, greeting visitors, mentoring junior students and fellow leaders as well as organising and supporting school events.

Social Justice Leaders

The purpose of the Social Justice Leaders is to help build the school’s understanding of Social Justice and promote thinking and actions that help to create a just community both local and global. The Social Justice Leaders will consider Solidarity, Human Dignity, preferential Option for the Poor, Community and the Common Good, Rights and Responsibility and Stewardship of the Earth’s Resources.

Sport & House Leaders

School Sports Leaders promote sport events, encourage and motivate teams as well as assist the Sport Coordinator, P.E. teachers and school staff in sports related matters. They will exercise responsibility when representing the school in sporting teams across the district or at regional and state levels.

Digital Leaders

Our Digital Technology Leaders will support the use of digital tools across the school. They will upskill students and teachers on the effective use of technology to enhance learning. Our Digital Technology leaders will promote positive, safe and constructive behaviours online.