St Lawrence of Brindisi

Welcome to the new information page for St Lawrence of Brindisi Catholic Primary School, Melton South.

My name is Bill Hill and I have the privilege of being the foundation Principal for St Lawrence’s. I am incredibly excited about working with the Melton South community in the development of this important new project.

To give you a little background about me, I have been involved in Catholic Education almost my entire life, having been educated and worked in Catholic schools and universities from childhood. I have been an educator for nearly thirty years, starting my career working in inner-city schools in the UK before moving to Western Australia in 1995. I worked in Catholic Education in Perth for 15 years before moving to Victoria to take on the role of Principal of St Columba’s in Ballarat. For the last few years, I have been the Principal of St Mary’s in Ararat.

I am hugely passionate about 21st-century Catholic schooling, creating cultures in which every child is actively engaged in their educational development; where they are inspired to be creative, dynamic learners, and where they are empowered to have an active voice. As author William Butler Yeats said, “education is not a filling of the pail but a lighting of the fire.” I ultimately seek to develop educational cultures founded on a love of learning.

I am equally passionate about developing authentic, empowering partnerships with the local and wider community. My experience has shown me that the active engagement of the community can have a profound impact on the culture of the school and the education of its children.

St Lawrence’s will actively promote the engagement and empowerment of every member of the community. We will focus on nurturing every child and supporting their individual needs each and every day, building a culture of high expectations where every child can experience success.

St Lawrence will be the sister school of St Anthony’s and right from the beginning we aim to develop a close relationship between these two school communities. St Lawrence is located on Waterway Boulevard, Weir Views, Melton South and is due to open at the beginning of 2022, with Stage 1 due for completion in early December 2021.

Throughout the year I will post updates on the progress of the development of St Lawrence’s along with details of information sessions, community events, and information for enrolment. This information will be posted on the new school website:

I warmly welcome you to be part of this exciting development. Take time to drive past the school on Waterway Boulevard and see how the development is progressing.

If you have any questions or are seeking further information, please come and see me at St Anthony’s or contact me on 0477 155 210 or

God bless

Bill Hill