Student Leadership 2022


Our Student Leadership team has been decided!

Student Leadership at St Anthony’s Primary School provides opportunities for student voice, the development of student leadership skills and encourages active participation in decisions. Student leaders will meet monthly to discuss ideas and ways to improve our school. Congratulations to the following students;

School Representative Council Leaders

Ruth, Olivia, Taranveer, Gurnoor, Saanjh, Liam, Elizabeth and Chayanne.

Social Justice Leaders

Bridget, Nhomachud, Savneet, Allexis, Joel, Rihanna, Jasmine, Niyumi, Keeley, Siena

Sport Leaders

Yellow House Captains – Raima and Oscar

Green House Captains – Halaena and Choung

Blue House Captains – Seth and Lachlan

Red House Captains – Steven and Ben

Digital Leaders

Meaghan, Frankie, Cayden, Julian, Sahej and Joyce

FIRE Carriers

Sahej, Raima, Rihanna and Taranveer

We would also like to acknowledge the leadership shown by our Year 6 students who have supported and helped our foundation students settle at St. Anthony’s. You may have seen them wearing their vests on the school gate, guiding the foundation students to their class. They have also been present during recess and lunch and helping the students play fairly and find new friends.

Congratulations again to our 2022 Student Leadership team. For more information about our student leaders, please visit our Student Leadership page on our website.

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