Student Leadership 2021


Our Student Leadership team has been decided!

Student Leadership at St Anthony’s Primary School provides opportunities for student voice, the development of of student leadership skills and encourages active participation in decisions. Congratulations to the following students;

School Representative Council Leaders

Lailah, Jessica, Sione, Aarav, Saiba, Ryan, Addison & Sanya

Social Justice Leaders

Isabella, Melanie, Ashmeet, Kealen, Josh, Aisha, Agwick & Shreeya

Sport Leaders

Alual, Nyadiet, Alex, Nathan, Lado, Ethan, Harper & Sophie

Digital Leaders

Gabby, Adithya, Matthew & Krish

Congratulations again to our 2021 Student Leadership team. For more information about our student leaders, please visit our Student Leadership page on our website.

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