School Values and Expectations

Introducing our new School Values & Expectations. In 2022 we reviewed our school rules to ensure they are visible and easy to follow across the whole school. Staff, students and families had the opportunity to respond to a survey which was used to derive our 6 new values and expectations: Tolerance, Humility, Determination, Commitment, Trust and Respect.

We have also derived an anti bullying campaign: Have you been a STAR?
We are encouraging our students to use the acronym STAR when they come across behaviour that may be upsetting or hurtful to them.
S = Stop
Students are to:

  • Take a breath or count to 10
  • Tell the other person to stop calmly
  • If you are asked to stop:
  • You need to stop what you are doing
  • Take a deep breath

T = Talk
Students are to:

  • Tell them you don’t like what they’re doing and explain why. You might even put your hand up and say ‘stop please, I need a break’
  • If you are asked to stop
  • Listen respectfully

A = Action 

  • You are to take action by:
  • Walking away
  • Remember that walking away removes attention from the behaviour

R = Report
If the behaviour continues and students have already stopped, talked and acted then they will need to report to:

  • A teacher on duty in an orange vest.


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