Performing Arts

What’s happening in Performing Arts this term

This term in Performing Arts the children have been studying the elements of Dance. We have concentrated on Safety learning to warm up, stretch, cool down, and align our bodies to re-enact dance moves.

The three elements of dance that we have concentrated on have been Space- personal, performance and general space. Time using different temporal qualities and Dynamics understanding force and weight to create varied qualities of movement.

To put these skills into practice the Junior classes have been looking at how they can make their bodies move to different pieces of music and stories from literature. Already we have studied Going on a Bear Hunt, Where the Wild things Are, Pinocchio, and lately Carnival of the Animals. The children are encouraged to use their imagination and be creative to design movements reflective of the piece of music being played.

The Senior classes have been studying the culture of Hip Hop. They have been introduced to three dances: Jump, Drive the Car and The Puppet Dance. They were introduced to the elements of hip hop: djaying, mc-ing, beatbox, break dance, fashion, style, etc. Currently they are developing their own hip hop style music on their Ipads using the program GarageBand. They will collaborate with their peers to create a hip hop style dance utilising the music they have made.

In our Dance practices we incorporate and integrate aspects of Visual Arts and Physical Education.

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