Nourish & Flourish Cafe

Cafe is Back for Term 2

Nourish and Flourish Cafe is back for Term 2 and is off to a great start!

Our amazing Year 4 students have been busy learning their way around the kitchen and how to use different utensils, in order to produce some fantastic recipes.  They have also learned how to set up the cafe and how to be the best waiters/waitresses they can be, whilst being able to be resilient and adaptable when things go wrong or systems change.

A lot of learning takes place in the cafe. Students learn Mathematics through the different quantities and measurements, they continually need to use their oral language to communicate and listen to others and then they also need to be able to read and understand the recipes.  The topics the students are learning about in inquiry are also embedded in the cafe experience, as well as, the newly introduced ipad ordering system which helps to include digital technology learning.

Last week some of the Grade 2s enjoyed Chilli con carne with homemade soft taco shells and Pierogi’s for their main course and then vanilla slice with passionfruit icing for dessert. The theme for the Nourish & Flourish Cafe this term is ‘Flavours Around The World’, so students will be creating many different cuisines from various countries across the term.

Please support the cafe and the Year 4s by joining your child/ren when their class is invited to the cafe.  The Nourish & Flourish Cafe operates each Friday (unless there’s a closure day or another event happening).   If you’re a parent, grandparent or family friend, you’re invited!  The cost of eating at the Nourish & Flourish cafe is $5 per adult and an additional $2 if you would like tea or coffee as well.  The cost for students to eat at the cafe is $2.

Please come along and support our students.

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