Mad About Science

Inquiry with the Year 2’s, 4’s & 6’s

Last week 3 year levels took part in science incursions to learn more about their Inquiry topic of Chemical Science.

The Year 6s big question this term is “How do we evaluate change?”. The students started to find out more with an incursion from Mad about Science called, “The Matter about Matter”. Students used dry ice to explore the states of matter – solids, liquids and gasses.

The Year 4s big question is “Why does change matter?”. They started to find out why change matters with an incursion from Hands On Science called “Solids and Liquids”. Year 4 students collaborated safely on different experiments, including comparing evaporation of different liquids and testing the melting points of wax, chocolate, citric acid and sugar.

The Year 2s big question is “How can objects change?”. The Year 2s started to find out how objects change through an incursion from Mad About Science called “Kitchen Chemistry”. The students experiment with a variety of food-related chemicals, and you even get to take home a bag of sweet, tongue-tingling sherbet!

It was a great week of Inquiry learning across the school, with more incursions to come at St Anthony’s School!

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