International Day of Mathematics

14th March 2023

The theme for the 2023 International Day of Mathematics is Mathematics for Everyone! Here’s what a few students said, when asked why they think ‘Maths is for everyone’ …

“So they can learn and count money when they’re older.”  Hope (5LS)

“Because they learn.” Saave (FLC)

“Because you need to know numbers and counting.” Jeevika (1IF)

“People can learn values and numbers.” Junaid (5KL)

“Everyone needs math for their jobs.” Althea (5KL)

“Because we need to learn numbers.” Simo (2TH)

“You learn math because when you’re older and get a job you know what to do!” Faith (5CD)

“Because some questions can be easy and some can be hard and one question can be for everyone.” Ella (4AK)

“You have to know what is 1+1” Maraki (FGT)

“Because it teaches you to learn and if you count money you need maths.” Chelsea (2EB)

“Because when they’re older they need to calculate things. You need math to do lots of jobs like engineering.” Skyler (4JP)

Students will celebrate the International Day of Mathematics on the 14th March, alongside students from all around the world! Students will participate in special activities in their math lesson and can attend special events during recess and lunch times!

We look forward to celebrating and embracing mathematics in our world.

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