Year 4 Wow Work

Celebrating the Year 4 students efforts this term

The Year 4 students have worked hard this semester during remote learning. Students have been engaged in activities through Showbie and attending Google Meets. 

In Literacy/Inquiry this semester, students have been working on procedural and persuasive texts, investigating the difference in fact and opinion, practicing their 6 stages of fluency, identifying emotive language and investigating forces and motions.

In Religion students have been exploring new prayers such as Our Lady of Fatima and the Rosary. They have been learning about the mysteries of the Rosary and the concept of ‘waiting’ in preparation for Advent.

In Math we have been learning about fractions and exploring different ways to represent equivalent fractions. We have also been exploring mass, volume and capacity using fun concrete materials from home and school. Students have also been learning about analogue and digital time as well as money and financial mathematics. Students participated in a St Anthony’s Grade 4 Junior Masterchef. Their task was to write a procedural text on a special recipe and then were asked to follow the recipe to create a yummy meal! A winner was then selected by the panel that consisted of their four teachers.

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