Year 5 Wow Work

Celebrating the Year 5 students efforts this term

The Year 5 students have worked extremely hard this term during remote learning. It is encouraging to see so many students engaged with the learning, attending our Google Meets and submitting their work on Showbie. 

In Religion, we have been learning about the history of the Catholic Church in Australia.  

In Literacy/Inquiry we have been learning about the Gold Rush, Eureka Stockade and Federation as part of Australia’s history. To show our learning we have been using poetry, biographies, timelines and specific comprehension questions.

In Math we have been learning about fractions and decimals and measurement including perimeter and area, volume, capacity and mass. 

Throughout remote learning we have been asking the students to explore different ways of presenting their information and learning using digital technologies.  It has been exciting to see the creativity students have used in the various platforms. 

Thank you for all your hard work Year 5, keep it up!

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