Year 3 Visit to Werribee Zoo

Year 3 Excursion and Camp

On Monday the 20th of June the year 3 students made their way to Werribee Zoo as a part of their Inquiry Unit exploring ‘What are Cycles of Life?’.

The students loved learning about the different animals that lived at the Werribee Zoo and making links to their life cycles they have been learning at school. The students loved participating in some of the keeper talks, safari bus tours and their adventure wandering around the zoo discovering new animals and their habitats.

Once the students returned from the zoo they participated in their camp night. Students stayed back at school late where they participated in activities, watched a movie and enjoyed dinner with each other.
Thank you to all the parents that volunteered and helped out at the zoo yesterday, we couldn’t have run the day so smoothly without you!
Some quotes from the students about the zoo;
My favourite part of the zoo was the Safari Bus ride because we got to see some of the other animals that weren't in the other parts of the zoo.


My favourite part of the zoo was seeing the Cheetah up close because usually it doesn't come that close to the glass.


My favourite part of the day was when we went to the Crazy About Cats show. We got to see a Serval and her name was Mallory. She showed us her tricks like jumping from log to log, fitting into tight spaces and she could also climb.


My favourite part of the day was at lunch when the possum jumped out of the bin and it scared me.


My favourite part was when we got to see the meerkats, because my dog always perks up like a meerkat and I like to think that my dog is a meerkat.


Seeing the amazing silverback Gorillas eat!


Seeing the amazing silverback Gorillas eat!


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