Year 3/4 Basketball

17th August 2023

For some, playing basketball is their life. For others it was a decision based on new experiences and meeting new friends. Regardless of why these children played the game, they played brilliantly. Each and every one of the year 3 and 4 boys and girls who came to Cobblebank played with heart and grit. Many players surprised themselves with their ability and they were rewarded with perfect days. Both boys’ and girls’ teams went undefeated.

The boys were able to continually take on feedback and apply it to each successive game, with the boys ending the day playing as a team and being great sports regardless of the score.

The girls, while relatively inexperienced, were able to come together as a team and wrestle their way to a few victories while playing amazingly to win comfortably against others.

All in all, these students and the students who were picked as reserves should feel a great sense of pride for what they have achieved and been a part of, especially considering they were STARS on and off the court.

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