Year 3/4 Basketball Recap

Congratulations to our boys and girl’s teams

On Friday the 18th of November the boys and girls from the year 3 and 4 cohort made the drive to Cobblebank stadium to participate in the district basketball competition playing against schools from Melton.

The girls started strong winning in their first game while the boys stumbled out of the gate. The girls found a rhythm, playing hard the whole time taking no prisoners and winning all their games (6/6) which meant they took home first place emphatically adding some nice blue-wear to the St Anthony’s trophy cabinet.

The boys bounced back a game later however lost again shortly after. They did recover and ended up winning their last few games finishing their day 4 from 6 which was good enough for a second-place finish and a red second place flag to hang from the St Anthony’s rafters.

All the students who participated throughout the day were respectful and engaged and thus should be proud of themselves for their conduct representing St Anthony’s beautifully. Coach Christy Taylor was the MVP making all the right subs and introducing all the right tactics at the perfect time to steal a few victories.

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