Year 2’s Go Wild!

Aussie Wildlife Display Incursion

On Tuesday the 10th of May all Year 2 students participated in an Aussie Wildlife Displays Incursion in Padua Hall.

The Incursion introduced students to amazing native wildlife and allowed them to understand the significance of conserving the natural environment. The children were given a chance to interact with the animals, getting an in depth experience with exceptional wildlife such as snakes, juvenile crocodiles, predatory birds and common wombats.

During our inquiry unit this term, we have been examining the question, “How can we care for living things as they change?”. This experience enabled the students to explore what living things need in order to grow and what we can do to care for them so that they can develop and change over time.

Throughout the term students will continue to explore living things and will be producing information reports on their findings.

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