Year 2 Wow Work

Celebrating the Year 2 students efforts this term

The Year 2 students have worked hard this semester during remote learning. Students have been engaged in activities through Seesaw and attending Google Meets with their teachers. 

In Literacy this Semester, the Year Two students focused on using comprehension strategies to create literal and inferred meaning by using their prior knowledge together with information presented within a text. The students compared and contrasted different texts on a similar topic and used a Venn Diagram to present their information. During our writing sessions, students had the opportunity to research facts about a particular topic and produced an information text which included the features of an information text such as headings, sub headings and a labelled diagram. The students had the opportunity to present their findings in different forms such as an oral presentation, written poster or an online slideshow. We then explored the features of and wrote a variety of poems with a focus on cinquain, acrostic, rhyming couplets and diamante poems. 

In Maths this Semester, we have been learning about different strategies to solve both addition and subtraction problems such as the split strategy, number lines and double and near double facts. They have looked at the link between addition and subtraction through fact families. The year 2 students have also identified and represented a fraction of a whole and a fraction of a collection, with a focus on halves, quarters and eighths. They have investigated and described 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional shapes and looked at their features. Students have also collected information and recorded the data using tally marks. This data was then represented in a bar graph.  

In Religion, the year 2 students have been learning about and preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They have explored the theme of forgiveness by listening to different parables. 

In Inquiry the students have been learning about physical sciences with a focus on forces and motion such as push, pull, gravity, friction and magnetism. This week the students explored gravity by designing, creating and testing their own parachute for a hot air balloon. 

On Thursday, 2 Hodge made parachutes. We dropped it to see what force it is to move. First we made the parachutes, then we went outside to test them. We dropped the parachutes. It was fun. From Dhruv.

On Thursday we made hot air balloon parachutes. Then we tested them on the ramp. We dropped them to see what force made them move. Mine and Jade’s flew just a little bit. From Georgia.

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