Year 2 Community Walk

Where is my place?

In Inquiry, the Year 2’s are seeking to answer the question ‘Where is My Place?’ As part of the tuning
in process they went on a Community Walk around Melton South on Friday morning. During the walk
students pointed out and discovered places they deemed special within their community. Some of the
places students identified as being special were Melton Train Station, the skate park, Staughton
College, Melton South Primary School and Melton CFA. Here is what some of the students had to say
about the walk:

  • “On the walk we saw a V/line Velocity.” – Ryan
  • “While we were walking we saw Dominique’s home – Eloise
  • “I liked playing on the playground. We saw houses on the walk. – Abuic
  • “We saw trees. I liked that we could see nature.” – Wesley
  • “I really liked walking past the fish and chip shop on our community walk. I also liked seeing the train.” – Bethel
  • “On the walk I liked seeing the helicopter in the sky and playing on the playground.” – Clovis
  • “We saw a lot of places I’ve seen before. We saw George’s house and the skate park.” – Ciarrah
  • “I was so excited for the walk. My favourite part was the playground.” – Luca
  • “I liked when we got to play on the playground with my friends.” – Zac
  • “On our community walk we saw Coles, Tyron’s mum’s friend’s house and the community centre” – Gabriella
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