We are the Champions!

MPSSA Soccer teams

Soccer Report

On Wednesday the 15th of June, some of the boys and girls from year six went to McPherson Park to compete in a soccer tournament against other schools from Melton.

Boys Team

The boys played six games and outstandingly we won all six games. This lead us to the grand final. In the final we versed Heathdale Christian College. It was a close game, we played brilliantly and defeated Heathdale 1 – 0. Thank you to Mr Altieri for coaching us.

Girls Team

The girls played four games. In their first game they lost 4 – 1 to Wedge Park Primary School. In their second game they won 3- 0 to Eynesbury Primary School. Their third game was a draw 1 – 1 against Melton South Primary School. In their final game they played against Wedge Park Primary School in which they drew 1 – 1. They came 3rd overall for the day. Thank you to Miss Caldow for coaching us.



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