National Story – Dance Festival

This year students from Grade 3-6 who decided to be a part of Lunchtime Dance Club participated in the Wakakirri National Story-Dance Festival. Together the students brainstormed issues that were relevant to them and decided they wanted to tell the story of online media bullying and how it can affect people. They spoke about how St Anthony’s had Lunch Clubs available for different activities and it allowed them to make new friends. We combined these together with choreography to tell their story.

Over term 2 and 3 students learnt the dance sequences and we filmed the final product at the end of term 3. The feedback we received for our video entry was amazing:

Ambassador Comment

A clear and concise story lead by a great young performer who we follow through her journey of navigating this tricky world.  Wakakirri Ambassador – Samuel McKeown

Performance Awards

  • Lead cast award for Performance in Dancing and Acting
  • Lead cast award for Performance in Dance
  • Production award for Location
  • Storytelling Award for Story Theme and Concept
  • Storytelling Award for a Great Minimalist Production Style

Ambassador feedback

This story was concise and easy to follow. It was nice that we got a happy ending. The lead performer was fantastic at acting the story and a wonderful dancer. There was so much emotion in her performance.  The ensemble were impactful performers and felted engaged throughout the entire piece. Their commitment the storytelling of the piece and execution of the choreography was enjoyable to watch. The soundtrack was creative and added to the storytelling. It was impressive to see the performers dance with basketballs. It added a really cool element to the piece. It was enjoyable as an audience member to see all the camera shots of the school and the signs were helpful in telling he story. This piece was really enjoyable to watch even though it is a tough topic to explore.

Awards were announced on the 18th of October, we were very excited to learn that St Anthony’s Primary School won a State Award for the 2023 Video Entry! 

Congratulations to all the students that participated in the filming of our entry. They turned up every week to learn the routines and put in so much effort. A fantastic result for all of their hard work.

Dance Club Teachers
Kristie Bairstow, Hannah Blasis, Lauren Caldow, Gulcan Togcuglou and Jennifer Porritt

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