Skylines & Storylines Project

What is it like to live in the City of Melton?

St Anthony’s Primary School is very excited to announce a new arts partnership with artists from Playable Streets, and Melton City Council. This exciting child-led program explores children’s perception of their city as it grows and changes. Asking the questions, what is it like to live in the City of Melton? Why is it your home? Children are encouraged to explore what they treasure most about where they live and learn about each other’s experience. Playable Streets artists will guide our students through an exciting range of practical online and in school arts activities in this project, culminating in a popup installation at our school and a special exhibition opening at CS Gallery event during Children’s week.

You can follow more information on the Skylines and Storylines Project Hub here with will provide project updates:

The students from our year 5 classes, will be the group of students from our school working closely with the artists from Playable streets. However, Miss Alexander and Mrs Pawlowicz are planning to complete similar activities with students from other year levels at the same time.

MACS Creative Arts Exhibition.

Congratulations to the following Year 3 Students Codi, Elizabeth and Parmeet, who will have a piece of their visual arts work on display at the 2021 MACS Creative Arts Exhibition during Catholic Education Week.

St Anthony’s Primary School also has a whole school collaboration project in the exhibition called St Anthony’s Stickville.

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