Sixth Easter

The Introduction 

No lover is fooled by the words of love that are not supported by actions. Love is in the evidence. Flowers and poems are good, but holding a feverish child is better. A candlelight dinner or an anniversary present helps, but what’s worth more is constancy, fidelity, presence.

Jesus says knowing the commandments is not enough: lovers of God will be known by their observance of a faithful life. We can’t fool divinity by ritual acts and pious looks. The One who sees into human hearts knows if our love is lip service or real passion.

How do you show your love to those whom you love? Make your love of God real in three real ways this week. Love of neighbour, show unnecessary kindness, bring compassion where there is accusation, remember the poor.

The Scripture (John 14:16) Jesus the way to the Father

Jesus said, ‘I will ask the One who sent me to give you another Paraclete, another Helper to be with you always’.

The Connection

A good guidance counsellor is invaluable in any workplace. As Jesus was preparing to return to the One who sent him, he said, ‘And I will ask the One who sent me, and God will give you another Counsellor to be with you forever’. We have a Counsellor with a capital C who has a direct line to God, and this Counsellor is always there for us. Just as our workplace counsellors make sure the workers have all they need, so our Counsellor, the Holy Spirit, will make sure our needs are met.

The Commissioning

Go from here as cherished members of Christ’s family.
We hear Christ’s teachings thankfully and share them thoughtfully.
We rejoice in all we have received and in all we can give.
We are ready to listen attentively and affirm wholeheartedly.
We are prepared to act faithfully and wait patiently.
We will learn from the questions of the youngest and from the struggles of the older ones.
God’s love, expressed in Jesus Christ, will strengthen you.
A love there for us, in time and beyond time.
We go in peace.

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