Science Incursions at St Anthony’s

The Year One and Year Three students both took part in incursions investigating chemical science.

This term, Year One students were answering the big question “How can we make changes?” They continued to find out more about the answer to this question with the Hands on Science: Mixing and Materials incursion.

Year One students observed the physical properties of chemicals, investigated sensory sand and watched the chemical reaction when baking soda was mixed with vinegar. They also used magnets to sort and separate a variety of materials.

Year Three students are investigating the big question “How can we influence change?”.  They started to find the answer to this with the incursion from Mad About Science: Matter of Matter.

Year Three students watched a demonstration of how properties change with force and how matter changes state when heat is applied or removed. Students watched and created an everlasting, bubbling fountain with dry ice. 

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