School Uniform

Policy Update

Last week, the school leadership and Year 6 teachers addressed issues related to school uniforms with the Year 6 students.

As leaders of our school, the Year 6 students heard the message about school uniforms first as they will set a good example for the rest of the students in our school.

Some of the keys messages students identified were;

  • Grey socks (no ankle socks or logos) under grey pants.
  • White socks (no ankle socks or logos) under green pants.
  • Plain white socks for sport (no ankle socks or logos)
  • Hairstyles should be neat and well groomed.
  • Where long enough to be tied back, then it should be tied back, using ribbons, bands or ‘scrunchies’ in St Anthony’s school colours or natural hair colours.
  • No makeup, lipstick, nail polish or fake nails to be worn.
  • One chain necklace, (with religious item if desired), this must be worn under clothing so as not to become a safety hazard.
  • Earrings are permitted to be worn provided they are small gold or silver studs or sleepers limited to one in each earlobe. These are the only piercings that are allowed.

Attached is the St. Anthony’s Uniform Policy that will be unpacked with our senior students in the coming weeks.

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