School Fun Run

UPDATE 06.06.2023

Only 2 weeks to go until the event!!!!  The countdown is on…

Please make sure your child/ren have a white t-shirt ready to wear on the day.  


We still have a lot of students who are yet to register online and create a profile for the school colour fun run.  All students should have their own profiles to be part of our competitions.  If your child doesn’t have a profile, go to and sign up.    

Last week, the winners of our School Fun Run Colouring Competition were announced at assembly.  The winners were:

Namar – Foundation Calleja
Vance – 1 Summers
Hudu – 2 Hodge
Dhiya – 3 Wentzel
Indi – 4 Allison
Arland – 5 Stafford
Sthryna – 6 Conroy


We are getting closer to sliming Mr Schuster.  I’m sure we are all very excited to see this happen, so please keep those donations coming in.  So far we have raised just over $18,000.  We need to get to $20,000 to slime the principal.  All of the money raised for the fun run goes back into our school for purchasing supplies or experiences for the students.

Our top three fundraising classes are still Foundation LC, 3KB and 3NZ.  Share those profile links on social media and via email to get family and friends to help with those donations.      

Thank you for your continued support.

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