Safer Internet Day

Be an eSafe Kid

On Tuesday 7th February the Year 3 students participated in the “Be an eSafe kid: connect, reflect, protect”, virtual classroom presentation provided by the eSafety Commissioner.

By the end of the session students were able to:

  • identify the different ways we connect online
  • reflect on how connections, posts and comments can affect themselves and others
  • develop ways to protect themselves using help seeking and reporting strategies.

Here are some of the reflections children made;

A lot of people can feel uncomfortable when being online. But there are many solutions to make someone feel comfortable again.

Willow 3LW

That when you’re on the internet you need to be very careful of who you’re playing with.

Jade 3LW

Don’t say mean things online because that is cyberbullying and if people say mean things online to you ignore them and tell your parents.

Robert 3NZ

To be safe online you should not talk to strangers.

Brock 3KB

If someone asks for your username and password don’t do it because it could be scammers.

Louis 3KB

When we are playing games online we should say kind things to each other.

Hunter 3NW

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