Running Excellence

Campbell represents St. Anthony’s

Through hard work, dedication and persistence, we can become better versions of ourselves. We caught up with Campbell who shared his story while he represented St. Anthony’s at the Regional Cross Country finals.

Can you tell us what you recently competed in?

I went to the Regional Cross Country that was held at Brimbank Park.

How far did you have to run?

I had to run 2 kilometres. I have done this before because I am in the age group. I have run this distance about 5 times.

Going into the run did you feel confident?

No I was nervous! There were so many people, maybe over 80. However, I was excited for the run because I was able to make this level.

What were the track conditions like?

It was raining and it was cold. All we could smell was a mud and people! It wasn’t great weather for running.

How did you feel while running?

I was pretty sore but I was in disbelief as well. The leaders were crazy! They didn’t leave us behind but the pace they set was crazy. I tried to keep up but they were too good. I was still excited after the race.

What is your challenge going forward?

Next year I would like to run 3 kilometres. I want to get into regionals again and then if I make it, I want to get to the next level which is state. The top 12 runners go through to the state and that is what my goal is. I’ll have to do some training to reach that goal but I’m looking forward to it. I really do love running!



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