Police Visit

In Year 6

Last week, St. Anthony’s Primary School welcomed Senior Constable Cassie and Senior Constable Elaine from the Proactive Policing Unit. The Constables spoke to our Year 6 students about the seriousness of bullying and cyberbullying, the law and the consequences involved. The students were engaged, asked a lot of questions and there were good discussions around the issues presented.

Some of the issues discussed included;

  • The definitions of bullying and cyberbullying
  • Making appropriate decisions with social media
  • Permission to take photos or post information about others
  • That bullying or cyberbullying applies to everyone
  • The updated bullying and cyberbullying laws, including that 10 is now the age in which people can be charged for serious bullying & cyberbullying incidents.
  • Reporting incidents doesn’t make you a SNITCH, it is about being a REPORTER or an UPSTANDER and not a BYSTANDER

This was a positive presentation to set students up for success for their final term in Year 6. Have a conversation with your children about some of these points. Are your children reporting incidents that they may be experiencing or witnessing? Monitor what your child is doing online, the content they are viewing and the groups they are involved with.

It is important that we are all supporting each other.

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