Playground Areas

Term 1

This term, we have reintroduced a whole school recess and lunch play schedule. We are excited about this opportunity for students to be able to re-engage with children across the school. This allows our senior students to show their leadership skills and support our younger students that at times can find being outside a little overwhelming. This has also allowed students to check in on their buddies and help support positive play. 

We understand that returning to whole school play has its challenges therefore we have created spaces for certain year levels to play in to ensure every child has the opportunity to feel safe and enjoy their recess and lunch. 

We have purple and orange zones throughout the yard which highlights designated year levels to each space. The spaces are as follow:

  • Purple F-2 have an allocated quiet play space. This includes home corner, cars, dolls, duplo and blocks for younger children to enjoy. (See map)
  • Orange 3-6 have an allocated quiet play space, students are encouraged to take their colouring, card games such as uno or simply relax without the hustle and bustle of the other outside areas. (See map)
  • Oval: The oval has been divided into two halves; 3-6 have one half to play and F-2 students have the other half to play. 
  • Playground, GaGa Pit, Hall and Basketball court are also very popular spaces for students to play and we have therefore put together a timetable so all children get an equal opportunity to play in these spaces as well as ensure student safety with less numbers in these spaces. 
  • A new addition to the play spaces available for children is ‘Padua Hall’. Each recess and lunch our staff are supervising and running various structured games for children to play and enjoy. 

We are also looking forward to the return of our clubs that run at recess and lunch. Once these have been finalised and started children will be notified on what days these will occur and how they can join.

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