The Introduction 

What amazement we find in this little scene! Jesus presents to his disciples the wounds of his crucifixion, which caused such horror only days earlier. But this time, the sight of these wounds fills their hearts with joy. On Friday, that bruised body meant despair and defeat. By Sunday night, the sight of it is the greatest hope ever dared.

Pentecost is, in its own way, a second feast of Transfiguration. The disciples see things differently, and it’s not only their perception that’s new. They themselves are transformed from well-meaning but ineffective people into folks prepared to risk everything for the truth. The disciples (a term meaning “those who learn”) become apostles (“those who are sent”). As apostles of the new millennium, we’re summoned to this same new vision, and sent on behalf of the same truth. Jesus transforms death into life, darkness into light. We can help the world to see its own wounds in a whole new way.

Name some places you habitually go. How might you be “sent” there as an apostle of good news?

The Holy Spirit is given to the church to bestow gifts to each for the sake of all. Pray about the gifts you possess and how to use them wisely in service of others.

The Scripture (John 14:26) Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

Jesus continued, “I’m telling you these things while I’m still living with you, the Advocate, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you”.

The Reflection

There are lots of ancient stories about werewolves and creatures that come in the night and steal away your life powers. You wake in the morning feeling drained and half-dead. Well, you might not believe such tales but it is still possible to awake short on energy and resources, and the more we try to put them right, the more in danger we are about becoming exhausted. When our batteries run low we need a charge from outside of ourselves. Too many of us think we are self-sufficient, able to go in our own strength, when we need to learn to wait upon the Lord for renewal and for guidance. Just as we would not drive around all day with a flat tyre, so we should make sure we begin the day filled with the power and love of God.

The Commissioning

Go from here as those who have joyfully celebrated the best of all birthdays.

We rejoice that we are members of the Jesus family. We celebrate the good times and care in the tough times. We meet around God’s Word for guidance, and praise wholeheartedly. We are the weak who need support and the strong who can give support. We are those in the neighbourhood who need a home and those overseas who are seeking a homeland.

Young and old, rich and poor, healthy and suffering, gay and straight, from the bottom of our hearts we shout:

Happy birthday church! Happy birthday church!

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