Parent Information Nights

Thank you to our parents

Our Parent Information Nights were an absolute success!

With well over 300 parents attending the information night, St Anthony’s teachers and staff would like to thank all our parents for their support and positive feedback on our nights. We are excited to welcome parents back into our school in a COVID safe way.

Here is what some of our parents said;

“That was very informative, short and sweet and didn’t take a lot of time but it was to the point. It was necessary information.” 

“My expectations were addressed by the teacher and I was very happy.”  

“It was good and very informative. Gives us an in-depth about what our kids are doing and their daily activities.” 

“It was a great opportunity to meet the new teachers and being welcomed back into our child’s classroom after COVID.” 

“There was a lot of speculation about the set up of the classroom’s and playground so it was good to see what the school looks like and feels like. It was a great opportunity to meet the teachers and see the classrooms especially after COVID.” 

“My child loves coming to school and comes home telling us about his day. The information night gave me an opportunity to meet their teacher and express our gratitude.”

“It is awesome to get to actually see the teachers and our child’s classroom. I’m rapt!”

“I felt really welcomed by my child’s teacher and it was a great to see the work and classrooms again. Thank you to the staff for making it happen.” 

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