Panning for Gold

The Year 5’s adventure to Sovereign Hill.

The Year 5’s have returned from the adventure to Sovereign Hill in search of gold. Find out how their day panned out.

If you are looking for one of the most interesting tourist attractions and an educational experience for children, what could be better than Sovereign Hill? Have you ever dreamt of panning for gold? Well the Grade 5 students got an opportunity to pan for gold, go to the shops, see how candles were made back in ‘the olden days’ and watch gold pouring. “OH BOY” did everyone go crazy for that. Everyone ran as fast as a cheetah to the candy shop just to get the raspberry drops. Once we were done watching how gold was poured students got to play in the playground for a while. This was an amazing experience.


All the year 5 classes went to sovereign Hill and had tonnes of fun. We started with gold panning and most kids found gold. It was small but exciting. The candle making was the favorite activity for some of us, others liked the ten pin bowling. It is not ordinary bowling, you have to throw it through your legs. The main excitement for all of us was the black smith melting gold. This is also known as purifying gold. It looked like lava and it was the best. That’s a rap up of Sovereign Hill.

By Charlotte. M, Aayat. K and Vinsa. B

1,2,3! Step by step down the stairs with little lanterns on the side. A little voice talked. His mysterious name was William and he led us step by step even though we couldn’t see him. His first instruction was to climb the ladder after the ladder lit up with light. Each step you took, a noise came. It sounded like rocks, big rocks falling from a cliff. We traveled to a hologram which showed us two miners looking for gold. The tour was a new experience and taught us about how hard it was to be a miner.

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