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Bianca’s Artwork

Earlier this year we shared the news that some of our students had had some Visual Arts works selected for the 2022 MACS Creative Arts Exhibition. This exhibition was held in March during Catholic Education Week.

This year we had a student who received a prize for their work at the exhibition. Bianca from 4 Darling was awarded the Highly Commended prize for Primary Portraiture for her work titled ‘A Portrait of Jacinta.’

Following this Bianca has had some other fantastic invitations to have her work exhibited and displayed elsewhere. Firstly, she was invited to write about her art.  She was asked to answer the following question: What do you like most about arts and creating art? Why is it important to you? This piece of writing, as well as her prize-winning picture was published in a book about the 2022 exhibition.

Also, earlier this term she was invited to have her work exhibited at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The National Catholic Education Conference was held there during the first week of September and Bianca’s work was exhibited in the art display arranged for the conference along with the work of many other students from around Victoria.

Congratulations to Bianca for such an amazing year of year of achievements in Visual Arts!

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