Over the holidays, Australia celebrated NAIDOC week.
When we returned to school the teachers and students worked together to educate ourselves on why we commemorate this time each year by learning about famous Indigenous people and their success stories plus reflected on some of the suffering that they might have experienced in our recent history.

Here is some of things that were happening around our school to celebrate NAIDOC WEEK this year.

During the first week back some Performing Arts Classes were learning about the Indigenous Aboriginal Culture pertaining to Dance. The Foundation class performed the Dance – In the Dreaming where they were able to imitate The Man, The Sun, The Roo, and  The Emu. They learnt about the Dreamtime creation story Tidalik as well as watching a magnificent performance from the Bangarra Dance Theatre Company –  The Spirit and the Brolga. In the other classes, the students looked at the Banagarra Dance Theatre company and discussed Dreamtime and the Indigenous connection to the land, the earthly elements and Australian animals. Mr Phillips was very proud of how the children respected the culture of the Indigenous Peoples and many of the classes spontaneously applauded the enthralling performance from the Bangarra Theatre company.

The Year 4 students focussed on the Referendum which only occurred in 1967. This momentous occasion allowed Aboriginal people the right to be included in Australia’s Laws and were therefore more protected and had freedom to change some of the things that were making them unhappy.

In Year 1 the students learnt about different Indigenous people, stories and cultures and made connections to their own lives and culture.

Here are some photos of work from Year 4 and 1. If you want to know more ask your child how they celebrated NAIDOC week in their own classroom.

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