MPSSA Lightning Cup

Summer Sports Recap

Girl’s Cricket 

Last Thursday the Year 6 girls in the cricket team went to Arnold’s Creek to play in the Lightning Premiership.  Every school had at least 3 matches. However our school, Wedge Park and St. Catherine’s had a bye which meant we had an automatic win.

The first school we played was Eynesbury.  The end score was Eynesbury with a total of 65 runs and 3 wickets and St. Anthony’s with 115 runs and 5 wickets.  This meant that we won. 

The second match we played was against Coburn. The total score was Coburn with 75 runs and 3 wickets and St. Anthony’s with 45 runs and 2 wickets.  Unfortunately we lost.  However, all the girls had fun and showed great sportspersonship.

We would like to thank our teachers for supporting us on our sports journey.


Last Thursday the Year 6 students went to play tennis at Wedge Park Primary School for the Lightning Premiership.  We played against 8 schools and were lucky enough to win enough games to play in the Grand Final.

All the players on the team played hard and showed good sportspersonship.  With a great effort we managed to come second losing by just 5 points to Wedge Park.

We would like to give a special thanks to Mrs Fahey and Mr Colley for being there for us and supporting us.

Boy’s Cricket

Last Thursday the boy’s cricket team went to Arnold’s Creek to play cricket.  We played 3 games. In the First round we had a bye.  Second game we played Eynesbury.  We scored 86 and they scored 84. In the third game we played Coburn. Our score was 141 to Coburn 75 which got us into the grand final.  The games were played in great spirit.

In the grand final we scored 76 with 1 wicket which put us on 81 and Wedge Park made 50 with 1 wicket which put them on 55.

Now we are in the Divisional round and we will be playing the winner of other districts in Term 4.

We would like to thank Mr Butera and Mr Clarke for taking us to cricket.


Last Thjursday we played volleyball at Heathdale College against 6 other schools.  Our first game was against Kuranjang and the score was 21-16.  We won our first game.  Our second game was against Eynesbury.  The score was 21-12 and we ended up winning that game.  Our third game was against St. Catherine’s.  The score was 21-12.  Our fourth game was against Heathdale and the scores were 21-7. Our fifth game was against Melton Primary School.  The score was 21 -6.  We played against Wedge Park and the score was 21-18.  We were undefeated from the preliminary rounds.  We were in the semi-finals.  We played Melton South.  The score was 21-11.  We made it to the grand final.  We played against Wedge Park again, winning 21-15 and 21-15.  We were the premiers.  

We thank Mr. Lafranchi for organising and training us.

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