Melbourne Experience

Year 6

Last Wednesday, 25th October, our year 6 student travelled into Melbourne City by train, where they enjoyed a tour of the MGC and gazed out over the city from the Eureka Skydeck.

Read more of our students’ experiences of the day below.

On the 25th of October the year 6 students and staff went on a train and then a tram to visit the MCG.

Once we were there we met a man named Peter who is the Victorian Cricket team batting coach, and he was our tour guide. Peter took us all around the MCG visiting the ground, the players locker room, the millionaire room and many more. Then we were even more lucky enough to visit their museum where it held information about past games, questions about things and we even played games there.

We then walked to the Eureka Sky Deck, people were expressing their feelings before we were even on top. Everyone arrived inside in different groups, we went on the elevator and it took us only 30 seconds to get to floor 88. The moment we got up there, the views were amazing, seeing different buildings from a high point of view.

Overall the whole experience was very amazing, wishing we could go there again.


On The 25th of October we arrived at school at 8:15am and left at 8:30am to Melton South train station. We travelled to the MCG. Where we were greeted by Peter, a current Victorian cricket team batting coach who knew a lot about the stadium. We put our bags away and were ready for the tour. We saw many things like the toilets, the stadium, the ground, sponsors room, ice bath, food, the museum Game On, locker rooms and much more. At Game On there were many attractions like soccer, volleyball, surfing, rock climbing and many more.

After we left the MCG it was starting to rain as we walked to Skydeck, a 301m beast. As we went up to the 88th floor our ears popped. As we arrived at the top we saw the stunning view and many tourist attractions and took many photos and had many options. Then we went back to school. It was a busy day and we all had fun.


On Wednesday the 25th of October the Year 6 students and staff travelled on public transport to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Once we arrived we met a guy named Peter who had lots of amazing and interesting knowledge, he showed us around the MCG filling us in with facts about Dolly’s boot, the interview room, the ground, the change rooms and more! Peter was also a cricket batting coach for Victoria. After the tour we headed over to a cool museum room with lights, quizzes and questions about sport. We were given cool sweatbands with an A symbol you can tap to activate the sports game or select your answer on the quiz! We also saw the red seat where Simon O'Donnell hit a huge six in cricket.

After a long fun time at the MCG we headed over to the Eureka Skydeck, we went up in an elevator from level 1 to 88 in 38 seconds. There was an awesome view and it was an excellent experience. Did you know the sky deck building sways left to right in the wind! But we walked back in the rain. We finally arrived back at school a bit later than school finish time and we got signed out by our parents.


On Wednesday, the 25th of October, the year 6 students and staff travelled by public transport to the MCG. Once we got there we had a tour of the ground and the club rooms. Our tour guide, Peter took us through the MCG, while we found out some fun facts about him. Did you know that he is a Cricket Batting Coach for Victoria?

After the tour, we headed to the MCG Museum. They handed us sweatbands to scan so we could play games and quizzes. Next we headed to the Game On section. There were very fun games like surfing games, biking games, all sorts of games!

After our fun journey to the MCG we headed to the Eureka Skydeck. We hopped into the elevator and shot up to level 88. While we were in the elevator my ears popped. Ouch! But it was all worth it when we saw the view from the highest building in Melbourne! The view was breathtaking. We had permission to go outside, and since we had the chance, obviously we took it. The breeze was absolutely wonderful, but sadly we had to leave.

Overall it was a fun excursion, and I would definitely do it again.

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