Lightning Premiership Report

Football, Teeball & Netball Report

Football Report

On Friday 10th of June, the Grade 6 boys and girls went to Arnold’s Creek Oval to compete in the Lightning Premiership for football against other schools from Melton.

Some of the schools we played against included Heathdale Christian College, Kurunjang Primary School, St. Catherines Primary School and Melton Primary School. This meant that we played 4 games. We won all four games and were undefeated going into the semi-finals.

We were very nervous to find out who we were versing in the semi-finals. The announcer said we were going to verse Wedge Park Primary School. Unfortunately we lost the semi-final to Wedge Park. As you would know we were very upset when we lost but we still showed respect and good sportsmanship to Wedge Park Primary School, who then went on to play Coburns Primary School in the grand final. We had a great day winning four out of our five games.

Thank you to all the boys and girls that played and the parents that came to support us and to our coaches Mr Clarke and Mrs Fahey.

Teeball Report

Boy’s Team

Our first game was against Heathdale and we won 5 to 4. Then we played against Kurunjang and we lost by 10 runs. We had a break and then we played St. Catherine’s to get into the semi-finals and we won 7 to 2. After all the games were finished, they announced who made the semi-finals and we made it. We played Melton South and we won 6 to 4.

The team made the Grand Final and we had to do rock, paper, scissors to see who would bat first. We won and decided to bat. At the end of the first innings, we were tied with Kurunjang 5 all so we played a second innings and sadly we lost 9 runs to 11.

Girl’s Team

The girl’s Teeball team competed against other Melton primary schools. We won most and lost a couple of our games. Our first game we played against Coburn Primary, it was a tight game but it was fun. Next we played Wedge Park, it was really competitive but we still laughed lots. Unfortunately we did not win but we tied 28 all.

In the Lightning Premiership, our first game was against Melton Primary and unfortunately they did not turn up. We played St. Catherine’s, Kurunjang Primary and Melton South Primary. We had lots of fun but the weather didn’t help us. We made the semi finals but sadly we lost against Kurunjang. Our team were still very happy and proud of ourselves for making it far in the competition.

Netball Report

On Friday the 10th of June the Girls and Mixed Netball teams went to Blackwood Drive Netball courts to compete against other schools. 

The Girl’s Team 

The Girls netball team versed different schools including: Heathdale College, Kurunjang, Melton, St Catherine’s Primary School and Coburn’s Primary School. The girls team won every match they played. The team was supportive and played their very best while keeping the reputation of St Anthony’s Primary School by showing the greatest amount of sportsmanship. The team stayed strong even when the weather became rainy and cold. The Girls Netball team competed against Coburns Primary School in the Semifinals, before playing in the grand finale against Melton. The girls won the grand finale with the score of 6-3.

The Mixed Team

The mixed netball team played four matches before the semifinals. The team played very well and fortunately they won their first match against St Catherine’s, the team played very well to deserve their victory. Then the team versed Heathdale and unfortunately they lost. After that the team versed Melton South Primary and fortunately they tied we were all so proud. The team then went ahead to verse Melton and unfortunately they lost. The team played well but unfortunately it didn’t make it to the semifinals so they cheered the girls team on instead. The team was supportive and played their very best! And we’re gracious in defeat. 

We would like to thank Mrs. Herring, Miss Conroy, Mr. Allison for training, supporting, and cheering for both the Mixed and Girls Netball Teams. We would also like to thank all the teachers and for organising the event. Congratulations to all the players who played in the Lightning Premierships and granting St Anthony’s a well deserved victory!


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