Learning Assets at St Anthony’s Primary School

St Anthony’s students are learning how to be

We can be Self-Managers at school and at home.


I am a Self-Manager at school because ….

  • I can learn independently.
  • I make wise decisions about my learning and behaviour.
  • I set personal goals and work towards them.
  • I reflect on new skills and learning.
  • I persist in learning, even when challenged.



I am a Self-Manager at home because ….

  • I can start reading independently.
  • I unpack my bag and pack it ready for the next day.
  • I know what days I wear my Sports Uniform.
  • I know what I want to improve and I practice.
  • I keep trying whatever I need to, even when it’s hard.
Adapted from © Kath Murdoch, 2022, used with permission.
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