Italian Week

From Monday 8th to Friday 12th of August

At St. Anthony’s from the 8th to the 12th of August, we will be celebrating Italian Week. During this week, the students will be involved in a variety of activities, focused around Italian culture.

The highlight of the week will be Friday the 12th of August, which will be an Italian dress up day.  Children will be able to dress up in “anything Italian”.  They can choose from an Italian character, food and basically anything Italian that they can think of.  If they do not have anything to dress up in, they can simply wear the Italian colours (green, white and red).

On the day, students will have the opportunity to participate in the “The Italian Fiesta” incursion, where they will be involved in Italian song, dance and culture.  There will also be some time during the assembly for best costume awards.  We look forward to Week 5, when we celebrate Italian Week.

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