Italian Week

8th – 12th August 2022

Last week at St. Anthony’s we celebrated Italian Week.  

The students were involved in lots of activities within their own classes focused around Italian culture. Teachers were also encouraged to practise a daily Italian word with their class, for the entire week.

The greetings and announcements for the whole week, from the office staff had an ”Italian flavour and hints” in them.

The highlight of the week was certainly Friday the 12th of August when children dressed up in Italian colours (green, white and red) or in traditional Italian characters. 

Students also participated in the “The Italian Festa” incursion.

They sang, danced and performed Italian songs and dance routines. All the students embraced the spirit of the Italian celebrations, so much so that the guest performer complimented our entire school community on the way we responded to her incursion. She said it was “The best response she ever saw from any school incursion”. She had as much fun as we all did.

The celebrations wrapped up with awards for “Best dress up character for each of the year level.

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