In the class with Year 5LW

Welcome to Year 5LW in 2021. 

This week the students were asked to reflect on their year so far and to think about their hopes for the rest of the year.  In doing this, they were invited to identify and take responsibility for part of their learning in Year 5. Both the teachers and the students themselves are looking forward to looking back on 2021 with a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Liliana – I am really enjoying school in grade 5. My challenge is to work harder. I’m looking forward to working harder.

KanwarI am positive about my friends because they are always helping me in need. My challenge is geography because I am not interested in countries. I am looking forward to excursions because we didn’t have any in Year 4.

Emmett – I’ve enjoyed playing soccer at school and going to swimming lessons with my friends. It’s been hard trying not to get confused with everyone talking and also having ADHD but I get through it. I’m looking forward to Naplan because I love a challenge.

Raima – I am enjoying inquiry because we are learning about the world/Australia. A challenge for me is NAPLAN because it might be difficult. One thing I’m looking forward to is Athletics day because I like seeing my friends play sport.  

Arvin – A challenge for me has been making new friends and in the future will be NAPLAN. While I was coming to this school for the first time, I hoped I would enjoy this  school and I really did. So far I have enjoyed making new friends and playing outside. I am looking forward to Athletics day.

Ruth – I’ve enjoyed inquiry so far.  A challenge I have faced is meeting new children. I am looking forward to learning more about the world because I like learning about different cultures. A challenge for me is NAPLAN 

Joey – I’ve enjoyed doing maths and using the iPad. A challenge is going to be Naplan and harder maths. I hope we do more on Roman numerals. I look forward to more fun than last year.

Bridget – In Grade 5, I am looking forward to Confirmation. Confirmation is when you pick someone to be your sponsor, you pick a saint and the spirit comes upon you. A challenge coming up is NAPLAN because, well, you do NAPLAN in Year 3 then again in Year 5. In NAPLAN you write stories and do worksheets and so much more! In Grade 5, everything has been great!

Mehak I love maths because it’s my favourite subject. I’m proud of being a Senior/5 Grader. Something that has challenged me is when the class was creating t-shirts. I found it challenging because there was a lot of colouring and drawing and I’m not very good at that. I hope I have an amazing year learning. I’m looking forward to getting a good grade.

Demitri – I like Italian because it’s my favourite subject and  it’s really calming. Something that has challenged me before is the test on the first day of school. I was really scared to fail but I didn’t !

Dawt – In 2021 I’ve enjoyed making new friends and learning new things. I have enjoyed Performing Arts and spelling. The challenge was moving schools and will be NAPLAN. My hopes are that I become better at maths and spelling. I am looking forward to using Showbie and using Apple Classroom and ‘Explain Everything’ which is an app.

Brandon – I’m looking forward to cross country because you can get exercise and run with friends. I really enjoyed swimming and the teachers in Year 5 are friendly and helpful. I am going to get better at maths .

Choung – I’m looking forward to athletics and cross country. A challenge was hitting my 3 in basketball. My hopes and dreams are making the basketball team. So far I enjoyed swimming.

Sonia – In 2021 I’m enjoying hanging out with my friends and meeting new people. This year my challenge is NAPLAN because sometimes it can be challenging and has difficult questions. In 2021 I’m looking forward to NAPLAN because it will help me with my learning and brain.

Nathan – Positives – In swimming on the last day at the end of the last lesson we played swimming volleyball and I couldn’t hit the volleyball that much because I was too short and had to hang onto the edge. Enjoyed – I enjoy doing sports because we do fun activities like Rock Paper Scissors, Tag and other sport related activities. Hopes/Dreams for 2021 – Mastering division and decimals for NAPLAN I am looking forward to: The swimming competition against other schools on Wednesday and athletics later in the year.

Van – This year in 2021 I am looking forward to Science because I have never done it before. A challenge is NAPLAN because it’s a long test. I have a feeling that it is going to be really hard for me. My hope/dream for 2021 is that I am going to use  the Apple Classroom because it’s new for me.

Sarah – Positives: Learning new things at  a new school and making new friends Enjoyed: Meeting new teachers and new people  Challenges: Maths spelling and reading. Hopes and dreams: To get better at reading, writing and mathematics 

Aman – 2021 has been a good year so far. I’ve really enjoyed school, especially maths. It’s my favourite subject. In 2021 it’s been a little rough too. NAPLAN is going to be a challenge For me because it might be harder than I thought. In 2021 I’ve had some hopes and dreams. I can’t wait for new things like cross country, visual arts and performing arts.

Tejas – This year in 2021 I’m looking forward to science because it is a mystery. My challenge for this year is to make it to the inter school sport. Something positive thing is that we can  come to school.

Michelle – This year in 2021 I will try to work hard and be more appreciative. I really enjoyed swimming because of all the fun and amazing things we did.  I hope that we have an excursion this year because we have not had an opportunity to have an excursion because of COVID-19 and the lockdowns.

Adam – I enjoyed swimming and sports because the teachers were really nice and fun. The challenge for me is listening. I’m not a very good listener but I can make things that really help me focus. I am looking forward to harder maths questions, science and IT. Right now it is ok. I am waiting for cross country.

Lucas – This year I enjoyed swimming because I like swimming and when we played netball in the water. A challenge for me this year is COVID-19 because we can’t leave the house and or do anything fun sadly. But COVID is finally getting better.

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