Foundation History Excursion

Foundation students and their teachers experienced a day in the life of the Chirnside Family and Staff that lived and worked at Werribee Park Mansion in the past.

Foundation students are asking the question ‘ What is our history?’  during their Inquiry unit this term. On Monday the 2nd August, the Foundation students went to the historic Werribee Park Mansion hotel to find out more about life in the past.

Many foundation students were excited to catch a bus for their first primary school excursion, stating that the bus was the biggest they had ever seen. However the fun and learning had just started for the day.

Students in foundation experienced a day in the life of the laundry staff at Werribee Mansion, finding out that washing clothes and sheets in the past was a lot more work with lots of hand washing, using a ‘dolly’ and wringing machines to dry clothes.

As well they went on a tour of the mansion, seeing children’s toys rooms from the past, as well as historic farm equipment as well.

It was a busy day for the Foundation students with lots of walking and learning, and a great day for all.

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