First Advent

The Introduction 

We know for sure that Santa Claus is coming to town; and so is Snoopy, Peanuts, Frosty, the Grinch, Rudolph, and more seasonal visitors than we may care to name. We also know that Jesus is coming, but he doesn’t advertise his arrival as relentlessly as these others so we aren’t sure quiet when. Will he arrive in time for the holidays? too late to stop the next war? too soon for me to acquire all the things I’d like to have in this world?

This is the Advent from which the season takes its name. Jesus is coming, and his advent is the one all these modern myths seek to recreate. Will Charlie Brown find the real meaning of Christmas? Only with a Scripture quoting friend like Linus. With the Grinch get a life? Only if he opens his eyes to the world he’s always had. Jesus is coming all the time, but we won’t know it if we refuse to change. That is the purpose of Advent, to give us fair notice that it’s time to take time seriously.

For whom or what are you waiting?

Be a friend like Linus to someone who has not heard the message of the story of Bethlehem. Share your faith with someone who is still waiting for love to come.

The night is about over, dawn is about to break. Be up and awake to what God is doing!

The Scripture (Matthew 24: 39 – 42) No One Knows the Day and Hour

Jesus said, “The Son of Man’s Arrival will be like this: Two men will be working in the field, one will be taken one left behind; two women will be grinding at the mill, one will be taken, one left behind. So stay awake, alert. You have no idea what day your Master will show up”.

The Connection

When the devil wanted to ruin the lives of many people he called a meeting of his fallen angels and sought suggestions. “I will tell them there is no God,” said the first. The devil replied, “Any sensitive and thinking person knows there is a God and this will not lead them astray”. A second said, “I will tell them there is no hell”. What is the use of that?” asked the evil one. “Everyone will experience a taste of hell and know that it is a reality”. A third then spoke up and said, “I will tell them there is no hurry, Put it off until tomorrow – for I know tomorrow never comes”. With this the devil was delighted and this is how most people fail to turn to God.

Pablo Picasso said, “Never put off today anything that you do not want to leave undone forever”.

The Commissioning

Loving God, speak to us gently at this Coming of Jesus time, for his presence touches our hearts:
We have been encouraged as a faith community.
We have been motivated to serve the powerless.
We have been challenged as those who own the name of Jesus Christ.
We leave with Advent hope in our hearts.
Loving God, speak to us gently at this Coming of Jesus time,
and grant to us all, faithful listening.


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