Fire Education

Foundation Incursion

On Thursday the 20th and 27th of October, the Foundation students had visits from the local Fire Brigade.

We learnt about what is a Good Fire (a controlled fire with adults present) and what is a Bad Fire (uncontrolled and may be no adults around). We discussed making a fire escape plan with our families on where to meet in a safe place if there is a fire in our home. The students practised getting down low and crawling out to safety if there was smoke in the room. What number to call if there was a fire, 000.  We also practised Stop, Drop, Cover, Roll, what to do if your clothes catch fire.

On the second visit we were lucky enough to view the Fire Truck where we were shown what was on board and when and how the equipment is used. Students had the opportunity to use the fire hose which was one of the highlights of the visit.

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