Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Introduction 

Salt is no great mystery. Salt is salt, as basic as it is common. I’ll bet there’s a shaker close at hand right now. Salt does one thing: it adds flavour. Taste almost any food and you know right away: it needs more, has too much, or is just right.

The job of Christians is to be salt for the world. Our lives should make a difference. The Church’s witness is our commitment to living according to kingdom values and not worldly ones. The time, money, and talent in our control should be used to maintain a simple lifestyle, so the surplus can be used to care for those in need. Sprinkled into the world, this kingdom witness flavours the generations. The worst we can do is to be sprinkled into the world and change nothing. If no one around you would guess you’re a Christian, this is a problem.

The light of goodness comes into this world in the same way. The world at times can be a rather dark place. How often we point it out and complain about it (and how the media celebrates it!) Our energy would be better spent generating light through acts of mercy and forgiveness. The light of Christ has come into the world, but it’s up to us to be the lamps of witness.

The Scripture (Matthew 5: 15-16) Salt and Light

Jesus said, ‘You are the light without which the world would be left in the dark. Your light should be as obvious as a city built on a hill. No one turns on a lamp and then hides it under the bed. They put it out in the open, front and centre, so that it can light up the whole room. That is what you should be like. Live your lives openly, reflecting God brightly, so that everyone can bask in the light of your integrity and generous love, and give due credit to God who conceived you in heaven.

The Action

Practice being a lamp today. When you see the darkness of poverty and despair, bring the light of hope through the right use of your resources. Where there is the darkness of wrongdoing and personal offense, be a light of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Commissioning

Like salt, like yeast, your influence is silent, yet strong within us, O God.
As we feel our confidence restored, as we sense our hope renewed, as we realise the power of good that is ours in Christian fellowship, an active peace is ours.
Pardon and peace is God’s will for you.
Thanks be to God. Amen

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