Express Yourself

Hip Hop and Rap Performance

On Thursday the 28th April all the students in Grades 5 and 6 had the privilege of participating in the Express Yourself Hip Hop Rap presentation in the new Hall at school. It was the first time the amazing stage had been used by performers. Express Yourself a dynamic Hip Hop performance and music making experience featured touring artists DJ Sizzle and MC Mantra. The program focused on lyric creation, song writing and personal expression culminating in an incredible musical performance.

The workshop commenced with a dynamic Hip Hop performance with DJ Sizzle operating the turntable and mixer and MJ Mantra spitting the lyrics to rap. This was original work delivered in freestyle. Our students were able to participate in call and response to the raps, have a go at turntabling and scratching and even call a rap. 

In Performing Arts this term the Grade 5 and 6 students will produce original work that is student led, project-based including writing, composing, producing, recording and performing focused around Hip Hop and rap. 

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