Dream Big Dance Club

An initiative with the Dream Big Music Youth Festival

Last Friday at morning recess about 50 enthusiastic and committed Grades 3,4,5 and 6 students with a passion for dance joined our Dance Club. This is an initiative sponsored by the Dream Big Music Youth Festival who provided us with a highly talented Dance Instructor Lorna.

Lorna initially engaged the students with dance games then they learnt some impressive hip hop dance moves that were very popular. Thank you to all students who joined us and I’m sure you are looking forward till next Friday where we will learn modern dances particularly of Afro-Caribbean origin.

The Dance Club has been formed to encourage our students to learn dance skills and build the courage to perform. The Club will be held every Friday at recess for the next 4 weeks. Students who make the commitment for the 4 weeks will then have the opportunity to perform at the St Anthony’s School Arts Showcase and later be filmed for a simulcast to be shown for R U OK day in September.

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