Day at the Zoo

Year 3

On Monday the year 3 classes had a very fun day. We went to the zoo and it was so so so fun. But then… it was so so so cold. But I just had to deal with it.
We went to see the giraffes and they were so stinky. They also have blue tongues
Then after that we went on the great big elephant trail. On the elephant trail we saw three baby elephants and they were so cute. I wanted to take one home.
Then the last thing was learning about the Aboriginal seasons. They look at the world around them to see what type of season it is.
I had a great day and I was feeling very happy that I was at the zoo with my whole class.
-Evelyn 3KB


On the 17th June 3BA went to Melbourne Zoo because we were learning about sustainability.
When we went to the bird cage it smelled a lot and when it smells like popcorn in the forest it’s a binturong peeing!
Next, we had to go for a little bit of learning at the zoo and we had to explore at the zoo and if we found a flower or an insect or more we put a peg on the board.
Finally we went to go see the seals. In the building it was really dark and there was blue light. We saw a seal, it was really cool.  And lastly, we saw the penguins and the water was really blue and 3 BA had a fun time.
-Nyidhieu 3BA


On Monday teh grade threes had so much fun because we went to the Melbourne Zoo. We travelled by bus. All the classes went which was 3KB, 3BA, 3ED and 3KA. It was freezing cold! So we wore cosy warm jackets. The jackets suited us. Once we got there we were split into partners, then we saw our first animal.
Firstly it was huge, big, tall and great! It was the giraffes! Alex and our teacher Mrs Bairstow discussed if giraffes have the same amount of neck bones as humans. Really? I thought this is actually interesting to me. Then off we went to the next animal.
It’s huge, big and spacious! It’s an elephant! The teacher talked about why we are here to look at sustainability practices.
Secondly, As my uniform was sticking to my back walking to all the destinations I was sweaty and exhausted. We took a break as grade 3 ate their snacks. It was going to be a long day.
We looked at some monkeys. Some of them were black, brown and white. We went into the butterfly house as I stared in disbelief at all the butterflies landing on people. Sadly none landed on me.
Thirdly, we saw lots of animals such as, lions, tigers, dingos, snow leopards, orangutans, giant tortoises, apes, reptiles and seals. We had a lunch break and then headed to our session with the zookeeper!
Finally I was excited! We learnt about Aboriginal seasons and how to identify them. We had three observations.Then we got split into groups. This was the final thing we did.
We hurried back to the bus and we were the first class back. I had so much fun and I was so tired. I saw lots of animals. I think my favourite is the baboons. What animal do you like?
-Jaden 3KB


Yesterday the WHOLE CLASS went to the zoo and it was so much fun. But let me tell you what happened. So when we got to the zoo we all sat down  and we ate snack. Then after we saw the first animal. We saw what was like a pig. Then we saw the baboons and they were fighting and it was funny.
Then we saw the giraffes and they were being funny. Then we took a photo with the giraffes. Then we saw that everyone was saying a koala or kangaroo but I don’t know what the animal was. But then we saw the birds and ducks and it was fun.
Then we went. We did an activity and they were fun as well. Then we went to a cave but I didn;t see anything. Then we went out of the cave and we saw some elephants while eating lunch. There were little ones and big ones.
Then after we ate lunch we went to the butterflies and one went on my head and shoulder. Then we got out of there but I wanted to stay in there.
Then we went to other places, then we went on the bus to go back to school. I felt so happy and I loved it.
-Ivy 3KA


I was so excited for the unexpected because yesterday, on the 17th of June, we went to the MELBOURNE ZOO!!!!! And it was AMAZING! There was lots of fascinating animals. We saw fluttering blue butterflies, climbing hiding koalas. It was soo dramatic and my classmates were soooo insane!!!
But anyways, a funny bit happened. We saw the crazy energetic baboons! But we were more entertained than EVER! Two baboons were fighting but, it was soo dramatic! But either way, the giraffe was what stunned me…because the disgusting giraffe was peeing, it was unexpected but they are animals and gross stuff happens.
But anyway visiting the zoo was so interesting.
-Janine 3KA


First we went to go to our education class. On the way there we saw six animals. It was so cool.
Then we saw the kangaroos and the emus. One of them pooped and the other one stepped on it. It was so funny!
Next, we went to the snow leopard and a girl talked to us about snow leopards.
Finally, we went back to the bus and then returned to school.
-Oscar 3ED


First, we went on the bus and went to the zoo.
Then we went to the  educations session and we went on a scavenger hunt and learnt about features, insects and signs of life.
Next we saw animals and saw unleashed deer.
Finally we came back to the bus and went back to school.
-Paige 3ED

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