Cyber Safety Project

Partnering with St. Anthonys Primary School in 2022

St Anthony’s Primary School is excited to announce that we will be partnering with the team at the Cyber Safety Project in 2022.

The Cyber Safety Project’s mission is to provide a whole community approach focused on developing future skills, lifelong habits and self-regulation when innovating and using digital technologies for work, life and play. To create safer communities, their educational programs and proactive teaching strategies will engage the whole community with learning how to participate safety and responsibly ​in a digitally-engaged world.

St Anthony’s Primary School will be;




Empowering Young People

to self-manage their own privacy and security and to be responsible digital citizens when using connected technologies.

The Cyber Safety Project will run workshops with our students in Year 4, 5 & 6.

Equip Educators

with the tools and resources to develop proactive strategies through working with students, parents and the wider community.

The Cyber Safety Project will run Professional Development for all staff.

Engage Educators

and the wider community to assist in fostering positive and safe digital environments in the home.

The Cyber Safety Project will host webinars for all our parents in our community.

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